Cynological activities and activities without dog:

There will be an offer to go hiking on a race trail with or without dog as well as participate in disciplines where no dog is needed but there still is a chance to win prizes.

Each activity has its own judge that will explain explain the rules and announce the winner.

The activities will be announced on webpage and on our Facebook page at least 7 days before the event.

Cynological activities

All dogs participate together regardless of their age.

If there are at least 5 dogs younger than 12 months, the organizers will open a beginner class for them.

The activities are really similar to regular cynological events, but there may be slight differences in rules adjusting to this event.

Calling your dog with obstacles on a way:


Distance inbetween you and dog – 30 metres.

Inbetween you and your dog are things that may disturb your dog (toys, dog snacks, dog food etc).

The dog has to sit or lay on the start spot (someone can help you by holding your dog) while you get to the end of the way. If there’s no one who can hold your dog, you can ask a judge for a help.

The time starts as soon as you do make the first move or sound to make your dog run towards you.

There’s no limit of words/moves you can make for your dog.

The usage of snacks/toys is allowed.

The time stops as soon as dog sits in front or next to you.

Pitch and go:

Team (dog and owner) has 90 seconds. By that time they have to collect as many points as possible: the owner has to throw a toy in a marked zones and the dog has to bring it back. You can use anything as a toy. You can use your own toy or the toys provided by organizers. If there are more than one person with the same ammount of points, the winner is the one who has thrown a toy less times. You are allowed to hype your dog up by voice, jumping etc during the activity. It’s not neccessary for your dog to give the toy straight in your hands. The toy can also be thrown on the ground as long as it doesn’t cross the start line.

A small race with obstacles:

The participante has to hold the dog by lead until the judge allows to release it. You can make throught the obstacles by holding your dog by lead or by releasing the lead – depends on your priorities.

 The time starts the moment judge allows you to start.

The participant has to run past the obstacle while the dog goes through it. You can re-do an obstacle if you aren’t sure i your dog did it correctly. The times stops as soon as you both have crossed the finish line.

There will be jumping barriers of different height, slalom, “A” shaped ramp, a tunnel and a tire.

Additional time for not making an obstacledoing an obstacle incorrectly:

·       Jumping barriers – 5 seconds for each;

·       Slalom – 15 seconds;

·       “A” shaped ramp – 30 seconds for not doing the obstacle;

·       a tunnel  - 30 seconds;

·       a tire – 30 seconds.