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22.01.2024-28.01.2024 support eight huskies and Nikolai on 200 km run in the Czech Republic ŠEDIVÁČKŮV LONG .

Follow the results and competition : https://czechlongtrail.com/?page_id=1139&lang=en

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  • TOUR DURATION:  ~ 3 hours
  • LOCATION: Vidzeme - Central Latvia
  • TOUR SEASON: November - March

Husky Sledding in Riga, Latvia - Husky dog ride in Latvia

Fulfill your adventurous spirit! Get to know wilderness of Latvia nature on a husky sleigh ride within a small or private group! Husky dog sledding is an opportunity to do something exciting, memorable and unusual. Join the team of Husky dogs enjoy the husky energy doing what they love with an excellent outdoor adventure on the countryside of Latvia!

About The Tour

We are offering exciting Husky Dog Sledding 3-5 km long ride outside of Riga.

We want everyone to have a quality time with the dogs, enjoy the nature in peace so our tours are for small and private groups, usually up to 4 persons. 

It's a good chance for a short break out of city to have a fun and unforgettable experience of husky dog sledding through the forests.

We will be happy to take you on exciting husky dog ride and tell you everything we know about these wonderful and friendly dogs that just can't wait to take you for a run.

We’ll give you the basic instructions how to handle a team of huskies, understand the safety rules and finally enjoy the co-operation with our great dogs. Also there always is possible enjoy the ride as passenger with our experience musher/instructor. 

Husky are strong dogs and on a typical dog sledding trip they will pull you at across the Latvian wilderness. For the moment you will get a taste of arctic explorer, when dog sledding was a much more common mode of transportation for many centuries.

Tour Price and Booking

Direct contact with husky owners and tour providers no intermediaries.

 from 70 EUR /PERSON + Transfer (120 EUR /1-4 PERSON )

Price includes:
  • Return transfer from your hotel
  • Guide
  • Dog Sledding Instructions
  • Husky Dog Sledding 3-5 km
  • Time with dogs for hugs and pictures
  • A walk through the forest (optional)

*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size call our write whatsapp  to us +371 25951531


Additional information

  • No special clothing is needed, but please wear at least 3 layers of clothing and winter shoes, bring gloves, hat and scarf..
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions (unless dangerous for health), please dress according to the weather).
  • Tour is weather dependent and can be cancelled on a short notice if the situation becomes dangerous for health eather dogs our humans.

Hike with the Husky

Sled dog sports club Dodkepu.lv organizes hikes in the unique Cecīļu nature trails, in the untouched Araiši, along the Amata river, in the vicinity of Zvartes rock, etc., and we can also come to visit you.

About the hike. To make the hike smoother and more interesting, there will be an opportunity to interact with sled dogs of the Husky breed, specially trained and participating in sled dog sports competitions. In conjunction with the dog, the hands remain free, the Husky helps to move noticeably smoother, and also you have the opportunity to develop the skills of cooperation with a sled dog, while enjoying the walk together and picturesque views, and the love, that huskies, who love people, can give.

The trails of the Gauja National Park are beautiful and attractive. Various rivers have created unique Devonian sandstone outcrops that look, like rocks, which, together with the smooth flow of the river and the untouched nature of the surroundings, creates a surreal feeling. Apply for participation now - +371 25951531.

Fee:  15 EUR for the Husky. 

Hiking fee without dog - 5 EUR.

If you want to give a hike as a gift, buy a Dodkepu.lv Gift Card.

How is the hike going?

  • You will be provided with professional equipment: an abdominal or hip belt, flexible leash and, of course, a professional husky with bridles;

  • During the hike, you will be accompanied by a coach and a guide from dodkepu.lv;

  • The hike is also suitable for small children, for the smallest, an abdominal or hip belt is provided - for both, the parent and the child;

  • During the hike your hands remain free;

  • Possibility to choose the time of the hike;

  • You should bring weather-appropriate clothing and footwear, drinking water and hiking snacks.

Hike with the Husky

In our family we have 19 husky.

We LOVE each other!


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