If you have a dream of trying dogsledding, these will be a teaser of how it is! is a sled dog sport club that undertakes professional sport as well as active tourism. 

We offer direct contact with husky owners and tour providers no intermediaries.

We offer a chance to spend your holidays with our dynamic huskies. has offers for either families/beginners or professional adventure seekers. 

Our Husky team provides passenger rides and we are also teaching tourists to mush with our Husky team by themselves. We are based in Araisi, Latvia, our unique historical and woodland trails are the perfect location to tick one off your bucket list. Enjoy the challenge of mushing a team of huskies through miraculously snow-covered forest trails. 

On this short-break you’ll rapidly gain confidence as  you discover the thrill of the connection between you and the team of huskies. As a bond with the dogs builds the huskies respond and you’ll soon begin to feel at one with the stunning winter landscape.

Price from 70 EUR/PERSON 

 *Prices are approximate and can change according to needs. The length of sledding routes can change depending on your priorities or weather.

 Possible private arrangements trips to events.

Please apply by calling +371 25951531 every day until 10:00 pm or by writing to [email protected] (don't forget to give your phone number).

Please be aware the welfare and safety of our dogs is a top priority and we will not ask the dogs to do more than they are capable of. You are invited into their world, but remember these are our pets and please treat them with respect and kindness. You will need to help them at times and communication is key to success when driving sleddogs. This is not a sit on and look at the scenery type of ride.


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